Karen Gines

Even though I attended University, I consider myself a “Grass Roots” artist. Painting is a personal journey. Hours that turn into years spent; sometimes wandering, other times intent on a destination and sometimes feeling lost, trudging through uncertainty. But elation is the most frequent and rewarding of all the emotions around the painting process. The genius that belongs to all of us, has flashed a smile of creation at me often enough, to keep me hooked. There are questions connected to art that beg answers. Why are some of us driven to follow color and symbols into every dark alley of experimentation? What is it we are hoping to uncover, bring to the light?  Because the passion for painting is experienced by many, and my personal practice of it so compelling, I must conclude that this quest may be important in ways I do not fully understand. It has always felt like painting was my assignment, my task in this world.
My paintings are generated from the unseen world of energy and quantum possibility that lives around us. There exists, what I call a “window” that can be opened by positioning the mind as the secondary informant and shifting focus toward the right brain hemisphere. Each painting is a “happening” – not a planned event, so I am often surprised by the content of my own expression. Painting is an exciting and joyful journey into the belly of creation. When given over to the forces of intuition, the content that emerges is a kind of map into the invisible realms.“I love to paint as much as I love to laugh.”           Karen Gines, Artist